Our inventive & enthusiastic crew:

Vegard [ Adm. & Booking ]

Sista Låten developed into the collective it is today because of Vegard, aka BAWS’ efforts in the early days on our weekly radio program (Klubbkveld) when we saturated the local airwaves and simultaneously threw a little (ok, big) party. Vegard is the one that got the wheels in motion and today he is still in motion doing his beloved dances and doing a ton of work behind the scenes on the books, the admin, the less glamorous side of productions, but doing the highly necessary work to make this ship sail. On a personal level you will most likely die laughing if you spend one evening from start to finish in the vicinity of Vegard. Vegard loves peace, love, techno and dressing up as his alter ego, The Techno Priest. Vegard is a necessary addition to any festival experience!

Jarko [ Adm. & Booking ]

Jarko was Vegard’s right hand man and co-manager of Klubbkveld’s radio program. Jarko is a Dutch native that loves a good techno shuffle and has a PHD in party. Vegard and Jarko lamented that they were soulmates in the early days and it was truly these two that got the ball rolling to snowball into the collective we are today. Jarko is a move maker and is the backbone of our party planning. Shit basically doesn’t get done without Jarko and everyone knows it. We love him and his directness.

Kristen [ PR, Copywriting & Booking ]

Kristen was brought onto the team on the dance floor at the Drumcode party a long time ago by Vegard and (a skeptical) Jarko to be the “girl manager” for Klubbkveld-whatever that means. Kristen is writing this about herself because she never lets anyone else write anything because they would just fuck it up. It has been said that without me, they’re just a bunch of dudes. And it’s good to be the only (alpha) female amongst the best group of boys on the planet. I have one child by birth and 12 by association through Sista Låten. My workload is endless because these guys are always planning something and I very much enjoy having the final word, posting on social media outlets, booking artists, throwing banger parties, and I fancy a good shuffle from time to time.

Darko [ Design, Photo & PR ]

Darko got picked up during the Klubbkveld era because his name rhymes with Jarko. What we didn’t realize was what an invaluable asset he would be, effortlessly making the graphics and taking photos. He is basically the best. Darko is a music enthusiast and you can see his eyes light up when he really connects with the music. Without Darko we wouldn’t have posters, a website, or press kits or fun.

Jørgen [ Sound technician ]

Jørgen is our most recent addition to the team who was basically with us from the start. If you give Hjortseth a tangled pile of cables 5 minutes before a party is supposed to start, he will make it sound banging. He is always thinking bigger with sound and he is the best expert to have on the team. He’s a sound guy. Get it?

Reggie [ All around man ]

Reggie was brought on shortly after he was an intregal part to a legendary afterparty thrown in an abandoned building in the middle of a city. We knew he had the balls and the motivation to help us spread the electronic gospel. If you need help with something, Reggie is basically your guy. He rarely turns down an opportunity for fun and he has even recently been seen on the other side of production, behind the decks. You can find him working the bar at parties, working security, dancing like a maniac, and basically doing everything necessary to ensure everyone is safe and having a good time.

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