This blog is dedicated to electronic music. First of all, here we will publish articles with a focus on nightlife in Bergen, but we will not rule out writing about other great things. We will try to dive into the local scene or describe the vibe we’re experiencing throwing parties or just clubbing around. News and updates about the underground nightlife, parties, raving, clubbing, DJs, events, festivals. In fact, everything from this underground subculture that we all share the same passion for.

Techno and electronic music background

We, the whole Sista Låten collective, have different backgrounds, different age and coming form different countries. We have background and techno / electronic experiences from Netherlands, Sweden, United States, United Kingdom, Poland, Serbia and Norway. Indeed, many of us have been fans of electronic music for years, bringing with us the nightlife vibes from cities like Amsterdam, Birmingham, Göteborg, Granada, Belgrade, Columbus…

It's all about electronic music, about techno, house, tech-house or drum ’n’ bass.

About what makes us happy!


News, updates and more

Techno party people partying at Hulen
Techno party: Don’t call it a comeback
Don’t call it a comeback-but Sista Låten has been invited to throw down at the one and only Pappa Bar Friday September 16th. We have a lot to celebrate as our own MarkQ is has a big and important birthday that very day. On top of that we are celebrating 7 years together on the […]
Klubbkveld crew
Bonussporet: Klubbkveld
(English – Bonus track: Club Night) The new music program delivers a guaranteed good atmosphere on the radio every Friday. In the «Bonussporet» series, we provide you with the added bonus of information you are not served through the weekly radio broadcasts. This week, the focus is on the program called «Klubbkveld», which is the […]